Amimon Connex ProSight, vols à 4, simultanément !

Is the solution perfect?

DSC_0077-1200No. Our session was not completed exactly the same. Here are our flying impression for a complete overview..

Laurent : With regards to the flight, I had no problems with any glitch. I could control the Pocket NG, fly under the air-gates, and practically count the blades of grass on each pass. The latency was barely noticeable and absolutely not detrimental to flying in races. That being said, I’m not a top noch  « race »pilot but more of a leisurely, yet experienced pilot. I could change the lipos without any apprehension and remain fairly close to the ground in flight. The StudioSport team set us up a circuit with two air-gates and flags to simulate a close race environment. I had no disturbing phenomena, no obstacles that could mess up the radio signal. I used Fatshark Dominator V3. Would I buy the Connex Prosight? Based on this experience, yes I definitely would. The system tested, perform perfectly, but the integration of transmitter and antenna has to be revisited to allow these systems on machines that are ultra -compact, like the true X frames in the popular 180, 210, and 250mm sizes. The size of the emitter elements and antennas – well those dimensions need to be reduced because they are far from being able to be installed in these small miniquads that are common in races. We literally have to choose the frame around the video system. Then we have to really careful how we integrate the system to protect them crashing and the elements, which we found out about the hard way during this session.DSC_0053-1200

Arnaud : As soon as I put the glasses on I was shocked, the image is so sharp, wow! This is a radical change from the analog solutions we are so used to.  In flight, with the Fatshark HD2, I didn’t see the flutter that was prevalent in the pre-release system that we tested previously. I did feel a very slight lag but it didn’t bother me during my flights – but then again I’m not an very fast pilot. I really enjoyed myself chaining laps. One can almost see the weave of the fabric on the flags as I brushed past them. It’s exhilarating! I did run into one problem though; during flight I lost the image and had a black screen for two seconds. Same thing happened again in the next flight which led me to crash. The system was fortunately pretty well protected on the Vortex 250 though. Will I buy the Connex ProSight? I don’t know. We don’t know yet the exact cause of these video clippings which keeps me from investing in this system at the moment. I am convinced though that within a few months, it will become a standard for our miniquads.

Fred : The image remained perfect throughout my flights while flying with 4 at the same time. I didn’t experience any cuts or noise manifesting itself in my screen, even while behind very dense foliage – in similar conditions the 5.8GHz, even with high transmission power, would not have provided sufficient image resolution to pilot. I have wandered in and above the trees, brushing the canopy. This overview of the forest was a special moment, the HD DSC_0060-1200really let me see all the details of the canopy beautifully. All of a sudden though, without warning, video issues cropped up so I left the canopy. Once I got to about 20 meters from me and about 15 metes high, without obstacles, the image was still blurred. The image resembles the computer screen crashes back in the 90s, with colored pixels in rows and columns, then a black and blue screen. Result? It was a serious crash, with neither the Porket NG nor the Connex Camera and Transmitter surviving. I have not figured out what caused the video crash. It could’ve possibly been a bug, but we’re not really sure.  Will I buy the Connex ProSight? The video is amazing, but I’m not going to buy it right now. When I find out what the cause of the crash was then I will revisit this question.

The Video

Other Pictures

DSC_0007-1200 DSC_0021-1200 DSC_0010-1200 DSC_0025-1200 DSC_0026-1200 DSC_0033-1200 DSC_0044-1200 DSC_0045-1200 DSC_0049-1200 DSC_0050-1200 DSC_0051-1200 DSC_0056-1200 DSC_0057-1200 DSC_0087-1200 DSC_0088-1200

17 commentaires sur “Amimon Connex ProSight, vols à 4, simultanément !

  1. Fred Bonjour
    tu entends quoi par : Un crash sérieux, auquel la Porket NG, l’émetteur et la caméra n’ont pas survécu.
    bon a mettre a la poubelle ? ou reparation possible ? car vu le prix sa pique pour un crash

  2. @ gilles : Poubelle. Mais il faut préciser que sur ma Porket NG, le matériel avait été monté sur le dessus (voir le timelapse dans la vidéo), donc totalement exposé aux crashes. Il est impératif de monter la cam + l’émetteur à l’intérieur de la structure ou à défaut de le protéger sérieusement. C’était le cas sur le Vortex d’Arnaud, ses crashes ont été non destructeurs pour le Connex. Je ne sais plus si Laurent s’est crashé à un moment ou un autre, mais pour lui aussi, le système était à l’intérieur de la structure, donc protégé…

  3. Salut Fred,

    Je viens de regarder la vidéo, malheureusement la seule définition possible est en 360… Pour faire la démonstration d’un matos vidéo en HD, c’est un peu dommage. Est-ce un problème lié à ma bécane ou connexion, ou est-ce normal ?

  4. @ TB250 : Elle est uploadée sur YT en 720p/60fps, la résolution native du DVR que nous avons utilisé… Peut-être un pb temporaire YT, de connexion, de FAI. Ca fonctionne (en 720p/60) de mon côté…

  5. Pendant que j’y suis Fred, depuis la nouvelle version du site, et quelque soit mon navigateur / lieux de connexion, les images des articles n’apparaissent…parfois pas, parfois oui, parfois en rafraichissant la page, parfois non….

  6. « We literally have to choose the frame around the video system. »
    Here is an idea, design a frame around that !

    What if when 4 pilots are flying HD somebody is flying with analog video ?

  7. @ Manuel : There was one guy flying analog 5.8 at the same time (to be honest with only 2 HD devices in the air at that moment). Plus a DJI Phantom with HD downlink…

  8. @Fred: je reviens sur ce que j’ai dit, ça semble fonctionner correctement sous Chrome/IE
    Par contre sous FF 47.0.1, pas d’images

  9. Bonsoir, Effectivement avec FF 47, j’ai des soucis d’affichage des images avec ou sans adblock.
    Avec Edge c’est fiable par contre.

  10. idem pour moi concernant les photos, même avec AdBlock désactivé, elles sont invisible mais cliquables.

    Pour en revenir a l’Amimon Connex, la qualité d’images sur la vidéo c’est flagrant et plaisant a regarder, a mon avis sa va cartonner.

  11. Idem pour les images. Depuis le boulot, les images n’apparaissent plus, je n’avais pas ce soucis auparavant.

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